The Syrian Ministry of Defense has issued a response to the recent aerial aggression by American forces in the eastern region of Syria near the Syrian-Iraqi border. The ministry has condemned the attack, stating that it resulted in the death and injury of civilians and military personnel, as well as significant damage to public and private property.

This area, which was targeted by the US attacks, is where the Syrian Arab Army is fighting against ISIS remnants. The ministry suggested that the United States is in alliance with ISIS, seeking to revive the organization as a means to further their own interests in Syria and Iraq.

The Syrian Ministry of Defense emphasized that the American aggression has no justification other than an attempt to weaken the Syrian Arab Army’s ability to fight terrorism. However, they reasserted their commitment to defending Syria and its people, vowing to continue their fight against terrorism and occupation, regardless of the organizations and their supporters hindering this goal.

The Syrian Ministry of Defense made it clear that the occupation of Syrian lands by American forces will not be tolerated and reaffirmed its determination to liberate the entire country from terrorism and occupation.

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