About Us

Newshub.com.ng is the no 1 site for latest updates and news happening around the World. We ensure that we give you only true and verified stories. We are unique because we strife everyday to bring the best to our readers and with time, we will achieve our dream of reaching out to every member of every household in Nigeria and the world. Our goal in the media space is unique and that makes us stand out

Our Sole Purpose

  • KEEPING OUR AUDIENCE INFORMED: Our news and posts help in informing our readers on what is happening around them and in the world as whole. It covers the entire serious topic that every individual has right to know for the better living. Here topics like politics, business, education, security, technology foreign affairs etc all are covered.

  • EDUCATING OUR AUDIENCE: Information is the backbone of education. In other other words, the information we make accessible to our readers help to get them educated and kept abreast on the trends in the world. News is used to inform people and to educate them on the matter which is directly or indirectly related to them.

  • GUIDANCE TO OUR READERS: Many people in the world are craving for guides in the complex world we are in. Those who don’t find these guides and directions end up being misguided. However, at newshub, we try our best to provide guides and advices to our readers. These guides helps them to navigate their everyday life.

  • ENTERTAINMENT TO OUR AUDIENCE:  At newshub, we are focused only on reporting happenings and serious issues around the world. We also believing in lightening up the moods of our readers with our entertainment contents. This news is usually read, heard and seen in the leisure time. It covers that news which is light in nature news on fashion, movie reviews, hobby columns, sports news etc. Entertaining news is gaining a great number of audience as it is attractive in nature.
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