I Was The One Who Brought Hushpuppi from Malaysia To UAE -Mompha


Instagram celebrity and Lagos Big boy Ismaila Mustapha also known as Mompha have revealed that he was responsible in bringing Ramon Abbas, aka Hushpuppi, from Malaysia to the United Arab Emirates where he later become famous and rich.

He went further to point out that Hushpuppi was just too adamant and would not listen to advice from people and that is the reason he is undergoing through his travails.

Mompha spoke on an Instagram live session with Daddy Freeze. Mompha revealed that after Hushpuppi’s arrest, people accused him of being the one responsible for his arrest and that the visa agent that facilitated Hushpuppi’s UAE visa was mortified at the unforeseen ugly turn of events.

Speaking in Pidgin English, he said, “The day dem carry Hushpuppi, I got lots of calls, with people saying, ‘Baba, see wetin you caused; na you make dem carry this guy; na you e dey compete with.’”

Mompha also revealed that, because of the pressure he received, he had totake down certain photographs on his Instagram handle but that  “EFCC called me direct to post my pictures back.” He did not state who called him from the anti-graft agency.

“Na EFCC called me direct to post my pictures back because it will be as if, may be, I dey involved,” Mompha said.

Going further, Mompha said, “I’m not angry that I’m always linked with Hushpuppi’s case because if I didn’t bring him, all these issues would not be linked to me. But it’s a normal thing.

“However, the only thing that messed him up was that he didn’t listen and he’s very stubborn.

“So in this life, if something happens to somebody, you’re supposed to think of the next step to take.

“In this life, there is something we do not understand. No matter how big you are, you must face one trial. The only prayer is that you’ll be able to overcome it. There is no trial that someone cannot face.”

Hushpuppi is presently incarcerated in the United States of America as part of an ongoing fraud investigation into international money-laundering, cyber fraud and money heist which was an instrumental part in.

Hushpuppi, who before his arrest had millions of followers was known for his mouth-pictures showing his flamboyant lifestyles. He was however in arrested June 2020 by Dubai police concerning claims of a £350m cyber-fraud he pioneered.

Eleven other suspects were arrested during the coordinated and premeditated early morning raids in an operation comprised of officers from the FBI, Interpol and Dubai police. Detectives seized more than 150 million dirham (£30 million) when they visited unexpectedly on theDubai apartment he was residing in.

Investigators have alleged that Hushpuppi, a former second-hand clothes trader in Lagos, used his Instagram account to showcase a billionaire’s luxurious lifestyle to attract followers and his potential fraud victims. Officers revealed that they found the email addresses and contact details of all most two million victims on dozens of phones, computers and hard drives in his possession. More than 11 exotic cars were confisticated in the raid along with boxes full of hard currencies.

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